STAL 06_preview.jpeg

“STAL is one of those bands with the outstanding, ability to stir vivid scenes on their listeners’ minds. Pierre-Marie Maulin demonstrates a growth, of maturity in this area, especially on these latest tracks. A mix of electronic keys and guitars, intimate lyrics, an intense rhythmic base and electronic sequences are the raw materials of the music.” -EQ Music

“It’s not often a band can capture two ends of a spectrum – the pure energy of rock, and the haunting sobriety of folk – yet STAL’s mere existence proves that such raw talent is possible, and it still does happen.” -Atwood Magazine

“STAL’s 'Fresh Blood' is an energetic anthem likening their sexual energy to their lust for art.  'Fresh Blood' certainly shows that with its dense layers of electronic instrumentation and production.  Perfect music for a cultural-art-potluck-carnival-extravaganza.” -The Burning Ear

“....sounds fresh depends on how much pop music you consume — synths answer the chorus, STAL name-checks a slew of his pop-culture heroes, and the elastic bass line carries the song to its happy place. Vibe-wise, it’s not far from where “Saturdays = Youth” took us, and there are worse places to be.” -Buzzbands

“STAL seeks to infuse emotion and humanity within his crisp electronic beats.” -Culture Collide

“STAL creates a distinct electro-pop atmosphere on The Crime, filled with tension and perpetual build-up, laced with cutting synths and unpredictable beats. Metallic vocals permeate the uneasy but catching melodies. There’s a certain abruptness to this one, teetering on the edge in a way that makes you want to be pulled over with it.”  -Xune Magazine

"...we humans, enjoy putting music to a mood. For example, STAL does just this- reels us in from the snowy, chilling atmosphere, and puts us in a modern, classic world of black and white thinking. The genius behind the ethereal idea of an egotistical world is M83's Pierre Marie-Maulini- who was once a man of guitar and synths in a well-known band, now transitioning to his own spiritual realism of mixing genres together to create a new version of uniqueness.” -Over Magazine